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Why Us

Business Continuation

A backup or alternate system on machineries and equipment is vital in ensuring that we run a 365/24/7 operation so there will be no delays in delivering our

Insurance policy to protect all our assets including yours when on our property; this is to guarantee that we could continue our service.

Environmental Commitment

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System certication to ensure that all process in our laundry centre will be environmentally-friendly and comply all government regulation.

Our water treatment plant is not only manage and reduce the wastewater but also enable us to save up to 50.000 meter cubic of water per year.

As to our commitment to the environment, we use only biodegradable chemicals in our laundry and operational process to protect our neighbourhood.

High Quality Service

ISO 9001: Quality Management certication to ensure continuous improvement of our quality. This is important to keep a consistent high quality service in our company.


Our very own Quality Control department by a team of skilful professionals who will be checking and scrutinising every process to make sure that nothing is overlooked.


Strict time management; using a GPS tracker on each vehicle to enable our operator to locate and manage the delivery and minimise any delay. You can also track the vehicle from your mobile phone.